Making A Difference to the Lives of the Orang Asli Community

In keeping with the spirit of fostering relationships through building homes and making a difference, staff of Mirandah Asia’s regional offices came together in April 2019 to build a home for the 7 members of the Salim family, who are a part of the Orang Asli (indigenous people) community in Kampung Gurney, Malaysia. This occasion also marked the celebration of the founders’ Ruby Anniversary.

Mirandah Build Team in Action - Kampung Gurney, Malaysia

The program started with an intensive building workshop to equip the Mirandah Build Team with the requisite skills and safety knowledge. The Team was then organized into 4 groups comprising structure, wall, floor and roof, who then went on to work tirelessly over the next 3 days, braving through the blazing hot sun and thunderstorm, to put up structure beams and roof rafters, and assembled floor boards, roof sheets and panel walls to complete the new home for the Salims, which is a 6-modular structure.