Transforming Lives in Kerala

Mirandah Asia has worked hard to organise the construction of two homes for two very impoverished families in remote villages in Kerala, South-West India. Both families were living in squalid and cramped conditions, in tin-roofed shacks.

The First Home at Kodumon, Pathanamthitta

"The first family comprised five members - the father of the family being bed-ridden in hospital. Handing over the keys to this family was a very emotional experience. During the oil lamp (Nilavilakku) ceremony wherein prayers are offered for the new house, the mother of the household told us that for the very first time, the family felt a sense of belonging and dignity. We found this a very engaging experience."
Patrick Mirandah

The Second Home at Chenneerkara, Pathanamthitta

"The second home presented more logistical challenges. The plot size was only 50 square meters and it is located on a hill, making access difficult. Building this home was really a village effort - everyone in the community helped to carry the building materials up the hill and provided labour to help complete the home. It really does take a village! This family comprised parents and a little boy named Shiva. Shiva is about the same age as our own grandsons. As the boys grow, we hope our grandsons become good friends with Shiva."
Gladys Mirandah