Under current practice, an applicant may authorise a registered Patent Agent to file a patent application in Brunei on their behalf without the need for a Power of Attorney.

BruIPO presently does not have electronic filing facilities. All patent applications must be submitted in hard-copy to the office. Accordingly, it is important that the preparation to file the application be done well in advance to avoid missing the national phase entry due date.

Under current practice, Brunei Patent Office does not accept utility/petty patents.

Under the transitional provisions of Section 115 of the Brunei Patents Order 2011, a Singapore patent owner may register the Singapore patent through a re-registration process in Brunei. The deadline for re-registration is one year from the date of grant of the Singapore patent.


No. However, as of 6 January 2017, applicants can start filing international applications for the registration of their Brunei marks in any of the other member countries.

The international classification of goods/services under the Nice Agreement, the 7th Edition, is currently applied in Brunei.

Brunei continues to accept only up to Class 42; all the items which would traditionally fall within the ambit of Classes 43- 45 would need to be filed under Class 42.