The first renewal fee is payable at the end of the fourth year from the date of filing of your patent application. If the patent in granted more than 45 months from filing fee the first renewal (i.e. 5th year) will due 3 months from grant date.

No. Annuity fees can only be paid 3 months from the renewal.

Yes, late payment is allowed within 6 months from the renewal due date. However late payment penalties of SGD50 for the first month and SGD100 per each succeeding months will apply.

Yes, restoration is possible within 18 months from renewal due date.

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No, Power of Attorney is not required.

No, filing of declaration of use upon renewal of trademark is not required. However, the mark will be vulnerable to a non-use revocation, if:

(a)  Within a period of 5 years following the date of completion of the registration procedure, the mark has not been put to genuine use in the course of trade in Singapore in relation to the services for which it is registered, and there are no proper reasons for non-use; OR

(b) Such use of the mark has been suspended for an uninterrupted period of 5 years, and there are no proper reasons for non-use.

Yes, trademark owner has the option not to renew all registered class by simply dropping/removing the class they wish not to renew upon filing the renewal application.

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