R We Similar?

A recent Intellectual Property Office of Singapore decision in the matter of Google LLC v. Green Radar (Singapore) Pte Ltd delved into the complexities of trademark law in Singapore while highlighting the crucial balance between protecting one’s brand and promoting market competition. Background Green Radar (Singapore) Pte Ltd. (the applicant) is a Singapore-incorporated company and […]

Indonesia Copyright Law

Copyright operates under the principle of “first to use,” meaning that the first person to disclose or publish a work is considered the copyright owner. This differs from other intellectual property rights, which typically follow the principle of “first to file”.  Rights conferred under the Copyright Law in Indonesia include copyright and related right. Copyright […]

Update to Cambodia’s Patent Renewals System and a Compendium of Developments to date

Cambodia’s Department of Industrial Property (DIP) of the Ministry of Industry, Science, Technology and Innovation (MISTI, formerly known as Ministry of Industry and Handicraft – MIH) recently announced changes to the country’s patent renewals system, set to take effect on Wednesday, 14 August 2024. The changes to the patent renewals system entail patent proprietors to […]

India- What constitutes ‘therapeutic efficacy’ when determining patentability of ‘new forms of known substances’

The Delhi High Court recently rendered a significant decision clarifying the concept of enhanced therapeutic efficacy, when determining the patentability of new forms of known substances. The case involved an appeal by the patent applicant challenging the rejection of their patent application under Section 3(d) of the Patents Act, 1970 (as amended) (the ‘Act’). Section […]

Successful Mediation challenges the archaic notion of “an eye for an eye”

A first successful mediation under the WIPO-Singapore ASEAN Mediation Programme (“AMP”) saw parties amicably settling their dispute in October 2023. Both disputants’ primary business was in eyecare and eye examination. The matter concerned the use of Chew’s Optics (“Party A”)’s registered trade mark(s) under Class 35: Party A had already been utilising the said trade […]

Singapore – Trademark Laws & Generative-AI

In the age of Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) proliferating, disruptions are experienced across industries including service and media. Generative AI (or “GenAI”) is also interluding in the realm of intellectual property (“IP”). Trademark laws, among other IP Laws, are facing new challenges and complexities and require fresher perspectives for improving brand protection, especially in countries like […]

A different Monster

This decision arose from Monster Energy Company’s opposition against the registration of the Application Mark “GENTLE MONSTER” (a word mark) by IICOMBINED Co., Ltd, in Class 9 for “smartglasses”, on the following grounds: That the Application Mark is confusingly similar to its “MONSTER ENERGY” marks, one of which was registered in 2014 in Class 9; […]


Further to the numerous changes introduced via Decree 65 on 23 August 2023 (, the Vietnamese Government has on 30th November 2023 issued Circular No.23/2023/TT-BKHCN (hereinafter “Circular 23”) making more amendments to the Vietnam Intellectual Property (“IP”) laws, aimed at providing guidance for implementation, and aligning IP practice as a result of changes to the […]