Protecting AI inventions in Singapore

The rapid advancement of artificial intelligence is profoundly impacting business and society, with AI now possessing the ability to write code, design drugs, develop products, and overhaul processes, among other innovations. This emergence of AI has sparked inquiries into the role of patent laws in protecting AI inventions. Patent protection can significantly enhance the commercial […]

Singapore: Patents Formalities Manual updates

The Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (‘IPOS’) recently issued a circular announcing various updates to the Patents Formalities Manual (‘Manual’) pertaining to practices and processes. New programmes that have been recently introduced in patents have also been incorporated herein. WIPO Standard ST.26 for sequence listing In IPOS Digital Hub Practice Direction No. 2 of 2023 […]

R We Similar?

A recent Intellectual Property Office of Singapore decision in the matter of Google LLC v. Green Radar (Singapore) Pte Ltd delved into the complexities of trademark law in Singapore while highlighting the crucial balance between protecting one’s brand and promoting market competition. Background Green Radar (Singapore) Pte Ltd. (the applicant) is a Singapore-incorporated company and […]

Successful Mediation challenges the archaic notion of “an eye for an eye”

A first successful mediation under the WIPO-Singapore ASEAN Mediation Programme (“AMP”) saw parties amicably settling their dispute in October 2023. Both disputants’ primary business was in eyecare and eye examination. The matter concerned the use of Chew’s Optics (“Party A”)’s registered trade mark(s) under Class 35: Party A had already been utilising the said trade […]

Singapore – Trademark Laws & Generative-AI

In the age of Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) proliferating, disruptions are experienced across industries including service and media. Generative AI (or “GenAI”) is also interluding in the realm of intellectual property (“IP”). Trademark laws, among other IP Laws, are facing new challenges and complexities and require fresher perspectives for improving brand protection, especially in countries like […]

A different Monster

This decision arose from Monster Energy Company’s opposition against the registration of the Application Mark “GENTLE MONSTER” (a word mark) by IICOMBINED Co., Ltd, in Class 9 for “smartglasses”, on the following grounds: That the Application Mark is confusingly similar to its “MONSTER ENERGY” marks, one of which was registered in 2014 in Class 9; […]

ASEAN – Launch of Official Intellectual Property Register

On 20th August 2023, ASEAN, having collaborated with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), officially launched the ASEAN Intellectual Property Register (“ASEAN IP Register”). This ASEAN IP Register is intended to act as a consolidated one-stop information portal that allows IP professionals and interested parties to conduct trademark, patent, and design searches from all 10 […]

Classical trinity of passing off analyzed

The Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) decision in ZERODENSITY YAZILIM ANONIM SIRKETI v. Novel Brands USA LLC clarifies the law of passing off in Singapore and discusses the “classical trinity” test in establishing passing off. Background Novel Brands USA LLC (the applicant) is a company incorporated in Delaware, United States. The applicant had designated […]

IPOS Extended Anew Its Patent Acceleration Initiative under ASPEC AIM Programme

The Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) has recently further extended its patent acceleration program, the ASPEC Acceleration for Industry 4.0 Infrastructure and Manufacturing Pilot (ASPEC AIM) Programme until 26 August 2025. This extension allows patent applicants in the ASEAN region to continue benefiting from an accelerated examination procedure for their Industry 4.0 inventions. ASPEC […]