Illicit streaming devices under the copyright microscope

For the first time in Singapore, a group of rights owners consisting of telecommunication companies and cable TV providers successfully enforced their rights against a seller of illicit streaming devices (ISDs). Abdul Nagib Abdul Aziz (the respondent) pleaded guilty to one charge under Section 136(3A) of the Copyright Act Cap 63, while another charge under […]

Virtual Map (Singapore) Pte Ltd v. Suncool International Pte Ltd [2005]2 SLR 157; [2005] SGHC 19

With the emergence of the internet, the interpretation of copyrights in intellectual property derived from such electronic environment is put to the test. A recent example is a lawsuit filed by Virtual Maps against Suncool International. Virtual Map had earlier on issued letters of demand to almost 100 companies in Singapore for downloading maps from […]