Winyatagon Jaieak

Winyatagon Jaieak specialises in patents at Mirandah Asia in Thailand. A Registered Patent Agent in Thailand, he has been working in Thai intellectual property since 2003.

Dzang Hieu Hanh

Dzang heads mirandah asia’s operations in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, and is well-versed in all aspects of intellectual property law in the region.

Marjorie C. Rodrigo

As Head of the Trademark Department, Marjorie plays a key role in managing local and international clients’ non-contentious trademark matters in the Philippines, as well as filing DAUs, renewals and recordals for post-registration matters.

Emilia M. Lorenzo

As Head of Patent and Industrial Design Department, Emilia M. Lorenzo plays a significant role in ensuring that local and international clients can protect their patent and design filings in the Philippines. She has substantial experience in the IP field and passes on this experience to benefit her team.

Puwin Keera (Ham)

All patent and design-related work, including searches, patentability opinion, filing advice, responses to office actions and other non-contentious matters, falls under Puwin Keera‘s responsibility as Head of Patent and Industrial Design Department.

R. Prista Devina

As Head of Trademark Department in Indonesia, R. Prista Devina uses her strong background in local IP matters to assist local and international clients.

Maulitta Pramulasari

The most senior member of our office in Indonesia, Maulitta Pramulasari excels in the management of patents and industrial design matters, and has become a trusted figure in the developing sphere of Indonesian IP through her work for Mirandah Asia.

Suriyia Sadanathan

As the committed leader of the Patent and Industrial Design Department in Malaysia, Suriyia Sadanathan provides the necessary provisions and supervision for the department to excel and progress.

Surabhi Pathak

At Mirandah Asia, Surabhi manages the portfolios of trademark clients from a wide variety of sectors, assisting them with the prosecution and protection of their brands in all ten ASEAN countries and India.

Juvelyn Cubilla

As head of the Patent & Industrial Design Department, Juvelyn Cubilla leads her team in managing clients’ patent and design portfolios across all ten ASEAN countries and India.