Kanthika Phunsuk (Mew) graduated with a Bachelor of Laws degree from Chiang Mai University. She qualified as a lawyer and joined the Lawyer Council Thailand since 2018. She also holds a Masters degree in Intellectual Property (“IP”) Law from the University of Manchester.

Prior to joining Mirandah Asia, Mew worked at a local law firm in Chiang Mai, where she developed an interest in IP law. Driven by a desire to challenge herself in other ways, she moved to join as a paralegal with a U.S. law firm in Chiang Mai, where she worked with U.S. attorneys on U.S. immigration law and gained international work experience for a few years before rekindling her interest and pursuit in IP work.

At Mirandah Asia, Mew is in charge of the prosecution of patent applications as well as advising and procuring plant variety protection for clients in Thailand.

Mew enjoys traveling and exploring new hobbies in her spare time. She also enjoys acquiring new skills every now and then.


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