Ian Mirandah

Ian Mirandah is passionate about patent litigation, having obtained both a Science and Law degree.

His knowledge of local languages is an asset in dealing with the IPO.

Denise Mirandah

As a Director, Denise Mirandah has played a major role in the international promotion of the company, helping to share the family values of Mirandah Asia and its successful one-stop shop approach to IP with clients all over the world.

William Cheong

As Director and Finance Manager at Mirandah Asia, William Cheong successfully manages the Accounting Department in the Singapore office. He also oversees the management of key satellite accounts.

Gladys Mirandah

Gladys Mirandah is a founding member of Mirandah Asia together with her husband Patrick, and has driven the growth of the company from its early years to the success that it is today. A specialist in IP and a patent attorney for over 40 years, Gladys is called to the Bar in both Singapore and Brunei and is a qualified solicitor in the UK.

Patrick Mirandah

Patrick Mirandah is a founding member and CEO of the Mirandah Asia group of companies. His primary focus is in the Malaysia office, but as the face of the company and with keen involvement in all aspects of the business, he is always at the forefront of client relationships across ASEAN.