India – Copyright Law Revamped For Digital Age

In view of recent advances in technology, copyright protection has to be more complex. The widespread use of electronic modes of communication and data storage makes it essential that copyright law takes these technologies into account to safeguard the interests of the copyright owners and provides them with effective remedies. The Indian Copyright Act 1957 […]

Series of 5 Short Recent Cases in Thailand

Coca-Cola v The Intellectual Property Department The Supreme Court issued a historic decision when it found in favour of the trademark registration of Coca-Cola’s 2-dimentional bottle picture in black and white for use with non-alcoholic beverages. The mark was considered inherently distinctive enough to acquire registration under Section 7 of Thai Trademark Act. Proof of […]

Singapore – Copyright infringement goes on

In Singapore, there is a myriad of intellectual property (IP) laws designed to protect the relevant IP with each limb of IP, having its own legislation designated for it. Copyright is protected under the Copyright Act 2005 (Cap 63), a piece of legislation adopted along similar lines to the United States of America’s Digital Millennium […]