Singapore – The Trek Case

NEW DEVELOPMENTS IN SINGAPORE PATENT LAW Singapore has seen its first major patent case in a while with the judgment in Trek Technology (Singapore) Pte Ltd v FE Global Electronics Pte Ltd and Other Suits [2005] SGHC 90. The High Court here considered a patent infringement case and commented on various aspects of patent law […]

Malaysia – IT Companies Battle Over Intellectual Property (Prevention is better than cure!)

A recent contention between two IT companies in Malaysia stresses the importance to intellectual property agreements in business contracts. Such contentions may be avoided by proper accounting of intellectual property (IP), periodic audits and IP due diligence. In this article, we discuss the contention between Netripples and Knowlegebase over IP rights for a software product. […]

Latest Developments in Vietnam IP Law

The Vietnamese government has actively taken measures to ensure that the country’s IP laws are effective. They have recognized the relationship between economic development and IP protection. In fact the economic development in Vietnam is one of the most progressive one in Southeast Asia in terms of percentage growth of the GDP. So these IP […]