ASEAN Patent Examination Cooperation (ASPEC) – Towards A Faster And Better Quality Search And Examination Of Patents In The ASEAN Region

The search and examination of patents is an activity which consumes many resources. In order to streamline the process and to reduce the turnaround time, IP offices in member states of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) collectively launched the ASEAN Patent Examination Cooperation Programme (ASPEC). ASPEC, the first of its kind in […]

Vietnam Government Tightens Enforcement through September 2010 Decree

In September 2010, the Vietnamese Government issued a Decree (No: 97/2010/ND-CP) to cut down on red tape and make it easier to initiate action against infringements. The Decree specifies acts of administrative violation, sanctioning forms and levels, remedies, complaint procedures, mechanism for handling complaints, competence of authorized personnel and guidelines for enforcement of procedures. The […]

Patent Examination in Malaysia Expedited

On 15 February 2011, Malaysia introduced laws to allow expedited patent examination under the Malaysian Patents Act 1983, pursuant to the Patents (Amendment) Regulations 2011. The implementation of expedited examination is aimed at reducing patent pendency, by expediting and accelerating allowance and issuance to grant of a patent. The expedited examination program is only applicable […]