The End of “Swiss-type” Use Claims in Thailand

In a recent Decision No. 1/2533, the Thailand Board of Patents has considered the subject matter of Patent Application No. 0201003643 entitled “Method for Treatment of Hepatitis C Virus” as a method of treatment and rejected the application despite that the claims were amended to a “Swiss-type” use format. A “Swiss-type claim” or “Swiss-type of […]

Philippines Mediation : A Win-Win Solution

The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) implemented mandatory mediation proceedings in October 2010. This May, IPOPHL settled the long-contested case involving the famous local brand BINALOT, owned by Binalot Fiesta Foods (BFF), a dispute that had been dragging on since November 2007. BFF, a 14-year-old local fast-food chain, has more than 35 branches […]