Trademark System In Indonesia

What is the law that regulates trademarks in Indonesia? There is a Trade Marks Act in Indonesia (Law No.15 year 2001 dated August 1, 2001) which is still valid and in force and governs trademark matters. What is the office in charge of trademarks in Indonesia? Trademark rights are acquired on the basis of proper […]

Malaysia – Generic Pharma Seemingly Manage to ‘Invent Around’ Innovator Patent

Sanofi-Aventis took on Dabur Pharma in the latest pharmaceutical patent case law to be decided at the Malaysian High Court (D-22IP-46-2009). Sanofi is the owner of a process patent – MY ’481 – for the production of Docetaxel trihydrate, which they market as Taxotere. Worldwide annual sales of Taxotere totaled approximately US$3.1 billion dollars in […]

Thailand Patent Application Through PCT

The Department of Intellectual Property of Thailand opened its doors to PCT applications on December 24 2009. Since then, any PCT application filed on or after 24 December 2009 has automatically included the designation of Thailand. The time limit for entering the national phase in Thailand for new PCT applications is 30 months from the […]