Singapore : Trademark Citations based on Withdrawn, Cancelled or Abandoned Applications

The Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) has recently changed its practice with respect to marks which are “treated as withdrawn” or “abandoned”.                                                                                                                   Earlier, the Registry practice included citing marks which were reflected on the Register as “Treated as Withdrawn”.  Therefore, deemed withdrawn applications were also cited against other pending marks. With respect to abandoned […]

Singapore Trademark Cases: Use It or Lose It-When Online Use Is Not Enough

Festina Lotus S.A (Proprietor) is the registered proprietor of the FESTINA mark. While the Proprietor does not have any business presence in Singapore, it claimed to have offered goods for sale online through various third-party websites, namely, and in particular, (Brandsfever), which is accessible by Singapore consumers. The Proprietor furnished evidence of […]