Singapore – Landmark Patent Revocation by IPOS under Section 80 of the Patent Act

Cargill International Trading Pte Ltd v Martek Biosciences Corporation [2009] SGIPOS 12 Introduction On 20 January 2006, Cargill International Trading Pte Ltd (the Applicant) filed an application with the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) to revoke the Singapore Patent No. 42669 entitled “Arachidonic Acid and Methods for the Production and Use thereof” owned by […]

India – Enforcing Confidential Information

Confidential information relating to any enterprise may be in the form of any business formula, process, R&D capabilities, client related or operational information, that ought to be protected as a trade secret. Any breach in handling such confidential information violates the IP rights of the concerned party and has been pursued through the courts on […]

India – Copyright Societies Expand Role

Under the Copyrights Act 1957 copyright societies are authorised to grant licences for copyrighted works. No other person except the owner of the work or a copyright society can grant a licence. A copyright society has the task of collective management of the rights of the owners and furthers their interests to prevent infringement of […]

Philippines Battle Between Pfizer And Unilab Continues

One of the world’s pharmaceutical giants, Pfizer, owns a patent for the anti-cholesterol drug “Atorvastatin Calcium” under Warner Lambert, which is valid and is in force until September 2012 in the Philippines. Pfizer marketed this drug under the brand Lipitor. The largest Philippine drug-maker, United Laboratories Inc. (Unilab), started selling in 2009 the generic version […]