Malaysia cracks down on software piracy

Machines producing illegal Disc Copies As Malaysian government officials reinforce their aim to curb piracy by setting example, another recent incident proved their genuineness. Although the battle to combat piracy in order to protect intellectual property is a difficult one, Malaysia is on the right track. Fourteen machines worth RM42 million (US $13 million) that […]

Singapore Police Raids For Illegal Software

The Business Software Alliance (BSA) has called on businesses to take immediate steps for ensuring that they are using only legal and licensed software following a raid on 18 June 2007 by the Singapore Police Force on a Land Surveying Professional Consultancy for suspected use of unlicensed and illegal software. The police raid, prompted by […]

Malaysia Cultivating a culture of “going original”

The Malaysian Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (“MTDCA”) in July launched the campaign “Ops Sikap Tulen”, which means ‘to cultivate in people a culture of going original’, in order to intensify its combat against software piracy. This innovative campaign has been launched to educate the public to respect intellectual property rights. The Minister […]

Malaysia – Dogs Tackle IP Crimes

Once perceived as a “haven” for piracy activities, Malaysia has responded to such a portrayal with a positive salvo to eliminating this negative outlook. With a view to attracting and safeguarding local and foreign investments in the country, the authorities have been resorting to various measures to eradicate this menace. It is therefore not surprising […]