Indonesia: Well-Known Mark Triumphs over Registered Trademark in Indonesia

Dewi Nilasari (appellant), a local entrepreneur, failed to retain proprietary rights to the NOVEC 1230 mark after the Indonesian Supreme Court dismissed her appeal in Decision No. 160 K/Pdt.Sus-HKI/2019 on February 21, 2019. The appellant registered her mark in 2013 in Classes 9 (IDM000487501), 35 (IDM000487594), and 38 (IDM000487620). In 2016, the application by 3M […]

INDONESIA: Indonesian Supreme Court Dismisses DC Comics Appeal

The Supreme Court of Indonesia, on May 28, 2019, dismissed an appeal (Decision No. 1105 K/Pdt.Sus-HKI/2018) brought by DC Comics against PT Marxing Fam Makmur (respondent). The respondent is in the food and beverage industry, producing and distributing among other things, Superman-themed chocolate wafer biscuits. The appellant, DC Comics, is an American comic book publisher […]