Tay Wen Di

Wen Di specialises in trademark prosecution, providing advice to both local and international clients on trademark protection and managing their trademark portfolios across the ASEAN region.

Tai Yoke Yee

Working in the Singapore office, Tai Yoke Yee co-ordinates filings and advises on prosecution for patents and designs in multiple ASEAN jurisdictions. She assists clients in overcoming objections raised by registries across the region.

Shivika Sharma

At the Mirandah Asia Singapore office, Shivika Sharma handles the prosecution of trademark portfolios for local and international clients across the ASEAN region.

Rudina Ann Pescante

Based in the Singapore office, Rudina Ann Pescante work in assisting local and international clients with their patent matters stretches to many jurisdictions across the ASEAN region. She is a Registered Patent Agent in the Philippines.

Melissa Wu Meiyi

At Mirandah Asia, Melissa Wu Meiyi uses her knowledge and experience to advise clients in materials, pharmaceutical and food technology sectors.

Kanu Priya

At Mirandah Asia, Kanu Priya conducts comprehensive searches and deals with all steps of prosecution of non-contentious trademark matters, from the enquiry to the registration stage.

Jehanna Ruth L. Huerto

As a patent executive in the Singapore office, Jehanna Ruth L. Huerto is responsible for patent searches, drafting and filing for local and international clients throughout the ASEAN region and India.

Coleen May Yusores

Based in the Singapore office, Coleen May Yusores specialises in patent filing, searches, and drafting for clients in the ASEAN region and India.

Ang Chuan Heng (Shawn)

Ang Chuan Heng (Shawn) is experienced in various aspects of patent practice in Singapore, as well as across the ASEAN region. He specialises in patent filing and prosecution, and has noted expertise in the wide variety of requirements of national registries.