She joined the company as a data entry clerk. Within a year, she was promoted to the role of assistant to the PA of Patrick Mirandah.

Being in the midst of all of the IP business being conducted in the office gave Soma a chance to hone her technical knowledge to the point where, three years later, she was promoted to the role of trade mark secretary.

She pursued this role for three more years before being chosen for the all-encompassing job of being PA to Patrick Mirandah, the position she still holds today. As Mr Mirandah’s trusted PA, she plays a vital role in ensuring our work in Malaysia carries on with maximum efficiency.

During her time with Mirandah Asia, Soma has also been able to pursue two degrees: a Bachelor’s in Business Management from Wawasan Open University, and a MBA from National University of Malaysia (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia).

Soma’s story is a classic example of how staff at Mirandah Asia can develop with us as they can grow, not only in terms of their careers, but also as people.

She holds the title of
‘Dancing Queen’ in the group!