In hiring mirandah asia to provide support in litigation matters, clients can take solace in the fact that they are relying on a firm with high success rates of prevailing in contentious matters of IP.

We assist clients with all matters at registry level in all of the jurisdictions we operate in. Should the matter need to be settled at the respective national court level, we can refer to our associate firm Mirandah Law.

Below are some examples of how Mirandah Asia have successfully served clients with their trademark litigation matters..

 Opposition to Trademark Applications

We have prevailed on many occasions before the Registry where clients have requested assistance in opposing trademark applications that they felt threatened their brand's exposure.

This has included representing major consumer goods manufacturers, social media giants and world-renowned fashion houses in successfully removing applications for marks that would have been too confusingly similar to their own, and thus affected the value of their intellectual property rights.

Likewise, we have successfully prevailed in many cases where another party has attempted to oppose our client's application. One such famous recent example was in defending the United States Polo Association's logo against Polo Ralph Lauren before the Registry in Singapore. The matter was later settled in the High Court in the USPA's favour by Mirandah Law

 Non-Use Revocations

Depending on the jurisdiction, after a certain amount of years of apparent 'non-use', parties can put forward non-use revocation actions to the Registry, in order that these marks may be revoked and deemed no longer protected. 

We have successfully revoked marks for clients who have felt that an unused mark was compromising their intellectual property enforcement capabilities, and so can assist in fully pursuing these claims.

Company Name Complaints

Furthermore, we have been successful in claims where parties have sought to pursue complaints against company names before national company registries. If there is a conflict between names of companies that have already been registered, we can assist to conclude these matters in our clients' favour.