She spent the next five years rising to the responsibilities of dealing with multiple tasks in the firm, working across both patent and trade mark divisions while completing her master’s degree in economics in the process.

In 2005, Hui Hui moved to Canada to work in-house as a paralegal for one of our clients. Despite this move to the other side of the world, she always retained her closeness with our company – international IP conferences would be the setting for her reunions with the Mirandah family.

It was a great pleasure to welcome Hui Hui back to Malaysia in 2008. Since then, she has honed her expertise in the internal records and IT system of our company and has played a key role in continuous upgrades building upon our scale and strength.

In 2009, Hui Hui moved to Mirandah Asia Singapore where she was promoted to be a Director in 2012, maintaining her role in IT and systems and her pet task in training new recruits.

Hui Hui’s journey is yet another example of how our faith in one person can make such a big difference to her and for us!