Successful Mediation challenges the archaic notion of “an eye for an eye”

A first successful mediation under the WIPO-Singapore ASEAN Mediation Programme (“AMP”) saw parties amicably settling their dispute in October 2023. Both disputants’ primary business was in eyecare and eye examination. The matter concerned the use of Chew’s Optics (“Party A”)’s registered trade mark(s) under Class 35: Party A had already been utilising the said trade […]

Singapore – Trademark Laws & Generative-AI

In the age of Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) proliferating, disruptions are experienced across industries including service and media. Generative AI (or “GenAI”) is also interluding in the realm of intellectual property (“IP”). Trademark laws, among other IP Laws, are facing new challenges and complexities and require fresher perspectives for improving brand protection, especially in countries like […]