Winyatagon Jaieak

Winyatagon Jaieak specialises in patents at Mirandah Asia in Thailand. A Registered Patent Agent in Thailand, he has been working in Thai intellectual property since 2003.

Thanut Samagabutra (Nat)

At Mirandah Asia, Thanut Samagabutra (Nat) handles the maintenance portfolio, including patent annuities, trademark renewals and other post-grant work for a large number of clients.

Supitcha Saraluk (Pure)

As a Patent Specialist in our Thai office, Supitcha Saraluk (Pure) uses her expertise in local filing procedures to assist clients from a wide variety of sectors to protect their patents in Thailand.

Kheskanya Vimoolkha (Bank)

Kheskanya Vimoolkha (Bank) is responsible for trademark searches and registration in the Thailand office, including renewals and recordals of trademark changes. Using local expertise, she is efficient in assisting clients with any queries regarding the Thai trademark system.

Kanthika Phunsuk (Mew)

At Mirandah Asia, Kanthika Phunsuk (Mew) is in charge of the prosecution of patent applications as well as advising and procuring plant variety protection for clients in Thailand.