We take pride in being regarded as one of the leading providers of intellectual property enforcement support in Singapore and beyond.


Our excellent work ethic has attracted many major players in the realm of luxury goods and services and technology.

We provide swift responses to clients’ instructions, referring them to our associate firm Mirandah Law.  

Our associate firm Mirandah Law maintains strong ties with the local authorities and their skillful team of investigators and lawyers are but a few of the factors that have contributed to their success and reputation.

They work closely with the custom and police authorities to combat piracy in Singapore.

How Mirandah Law can help:

  • Conducting field and online investigations and market surveys
  • Identifying counterfeit items
  • Filing of Search Warrants
  • Conducting Raids
  • Criminal Prosecution of recalcitrant infringers

For further information into IP enforcement, visit www.mirandahlaw.com or select the 'Legal Support' tab at the side of the page.