In hiring Mirandah Asia to provide support in litigation matters, clients can take solace in the fact that they are relying on a firm with high success rates of prevailing in contentious matters of IP.

We assist clients with all matters at registry level in all of the jurisdictions we operate in. Should the matter need to be settled at the respective national court level, we can refer to our associate firm Mirandah Law.

Below are some examples of how Mirandah Asia has successfully served clients with their patent litigation matters..


We have experienced extensive success in winning cases on behalf of our clients where patent revocation actions have been brought before the national Registry. 

In one famous recent example, we enabled petrochemicals giant UOP to submit 11 simultaneous revocation actions against the patents of its competitor ExxonMobil. The various matters were composed of method, process and product claims. The parties were to settle in our client's favour - the outcome being a major boon to their ability to sell certain products in Singapore.

We retain the expertise to be able to deliver clients success in both pursuing and defending revocation actions at the IP registry level.