Yati, Indonesian in origin, was employed full-time in 2004 as a cleaner in Mirandah Asia’s office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Personable and well-liked, her potential to represent the firm was spotted by Patrick Mirandah – her only obstacle was her lack of command of English. Unavowed, Patrick paid for her to attend English classes so that she could find a way in – and Yati was hired as a receptionist in 2005.

Over a decade on, Yati remains a trusted and hard-working part of the Malaysian office. Her day-to-day role is in the coordination of communications to the whole office – using our sophisticated internal software, she ensures that not one piece of correspondence is misplaced. She is still grateful for the opportunity Patrick gave her and is always determined to repay it with a good work ethic.

She stands as a prime example of how employees, regardless of their beginnings, can develop with Mirandah Asia – ensuring that their loyalty and ambition pays off.