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Singapore gets a WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Centre for Intellectual Property

A. Arbitration and Mediation Centre

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has established its first Arbitration and Mediation Centre in Singapore, the first of its kind outside Geneva. The Centre will primarily deal with intellectual property (IP) disputes originating in Asia Pacific.

B. What type of cases will it hear?

The new centre will focus on promoting alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services in the region to resolve international disputes between private parties, such as, trademark issues involving Internet domain names and co-existence agreements, copyright squabbles, collaborative arrangements (e.g. licenses, technology transfer agreements, R&D agreements) and patent infringement.

C. Advantages of Arbitration

Arbitration provides for an efficient means of international dispute settlement without disrupting commercial relationships. It is an important cost-saving alternative to traditional litigation and a means of finding constructive and workable solutions to the often complex, cross-border intellectual property-related disputes. Further more, as arbitration is confidential, it is highly sought after for resolving disputes involving trade secrets and other confidential information.

D. Why Singapore?

Drawing on Singapore’s excellent infrastructure and geo-strategic location (within a seven-hour flight from all the major regional cities), the new Centre will make WIPO’s experience and expertise in intellectual property ADR more accessible to various countries in the region.

Singapore is a responsible and committed partner of WIPO and proactively promotes global enforceability of arbitration awards. The city nation’s strong judicial support, a transparent system and emphasis on best business practices make it especially attractive for the purpose of arbitration.

Singapore permits the parties to choose any substantive law of their choice while retaining the procedural law to be the Singapore Arbitration Act, which is considered to be amongst the best in the world.

The IP laws in Singapore are periodically reviewed to ensure that they are aligned with international developments and current practices. Also, with English as the language of business, Singapore emerges as the choice destination for many multi-national companies for ADR. In a region where doubts continue to linger about whether the local courts can be relied on for swift and transparent enforcement of contractual rights, Singapore stands as a beacon for providing reliable ADR services for efficient resolution.

E. Our expertise

With a pool of experienced professionals at all our offices in the ASEAN region and the Indian sub-continent, we would be pleased to extend our expertise in ADR to our clients. With 25 years of hands on experience in Asia Pacific, catering to clients from across the globe and different sectors, companies can expect to receive appropriate assistance and support expected of a truly international IP boutique firm.

For more information on intellectual property arbitration in Singapore, please contact our Arbitration desk at Singapore@mirandah.com or fax at +65 6338 3739.