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Simplified Procedures On Patent Filing In Indonesia

The Indonesian Patent Office has issued a circular No. H3-UM.07.10.482/2004 dated December 8, 2004 clarifying on the simplification of filing requirements for patent applications filed via the PCT route.

As a result, the following documents are now not statutorily required for filing with the Indonesian Patent Office.

  • PCT pamphlet
  • Priority documents (if any)
  • International Search Report (ISR) – PCT/ISA/210
  • International Preliminary Examination Report and annexes (IPER) – PCT/IPEA/401 and PCT/IPEA/409
  • Any other documents related to the PCT International Phase

The Indonesian Patent Office receives these documents directly from the International Bureau of WIPO.

Although they are not required for submission, it would be handy for us to have a copy in our files for our reference purposes. Some of these documents are often referred to during the examination stage (e.g. ISA, IPER, amendments made during the International Phase).

This simplification is to create a hassle free filing for applicant who enters the national phase application via the PCT route in Indonesia.