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New IPOS Entity to Drive Business Growth in Intellectual Property

The launch of IPOS International is the latest initiative by the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) to drive business growth in the field of intellectual property (IP) in this country.

IPOS International has been set up combining IPOS’ enterprise engagement arm, patent examination unit, and IP training arm to function in an advisory capacity for businesses looking to expand the value of their intangible assets of which IP is a part. Complementing this are more than 100 experts and specialists who will provide their advice, through the entity, in various IP fields which include patent search, strategy, management, analysis and training.

On the website of IPOS International, users may use the key feature (Illuminate®) which is a free tool designed to help business owners, who are keen to enhance the protection of their IP rights. In just 10 minutes, firms/businesses will receive key insights on the potential IP gaps and risks as well as gain useful tips and recommendations for improvement.

Further, IPOS International will work hand in hand with both the government and the private sector in Singapore and overseas, to offer a more comprehensive solution to innovative enterprises. Under this new initiative, any enterprise in Singapore seeking to drive growth will now have a one-stop IP hub to cater to all their needs and address their concerns in all matters relating to IP for their businesses.

In addition to the incorporation of this new entity to enhance the growth of IP in Singapore, the Ministry of Trade and Industry is also working on a national framework aimed at training IP talent.

The objective of the framework is to raise the overall competence of IP professionals and to assist them in identifying their career development pathways with the necessary skills required to succeed in job roles involving IP skills.

The framework covers 11 job roles, 60 technical and general skills across five aspects – IP commercialisation, IP legal, IP management, IP strategy and patent prosecution. It will serve as a support in creating a pool of highly-skilled IP professionals who are able to assist novel enterprises seeking to globalise their IP/intangible assets.

As Singapore is aiming to become an established IP centre on the world stage, the launch of this new IPOS entity is a great initiative in helping to realise that goal.