Legal Basis 1987 Philippine Constitution effective from 2 February, 1987
Republic Act No. 8293 Intellectual Property Code effective from January 1, 1998
Republic Act No. 6675, The Generics Act effective from 13 September, 1988
Republic Act No. 623 An Act to Regulate the Use of Duly Stamped or Marked
Bottles, Boxes, Casks, Kegs, Barrels and Other Similar Containers effective from 5 June, 1951
Customs Administrative Orders and Circulars
IP Philippines Memorandum Circulars and Orders
Major international treaties signed
  • WTO – GATT Treaty Uruguay Round (Annex C – Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS)
  • Paris Convention
  • Madrid Protocol
Cost of obtaining a trademark Please contact us at
Average time to obtain a trademark 12 to 15 months
Official language for trademark prosecution English
Registrable marks Any visible sign capable of distinguishing goods (trademark) or services (service mark) of an enterprise and shall include a stamped or marked container of goods
Filing and prosecution procedures Stage 1: Filing
Stage 2: Examination
Stage 3: Publication in eGazette
Stage 4: Opposition (if any)
Stage 5: Registration
Number of classes 45 (11th Edition Nice Classification)
Multiple class filing Available
Filing of series marks Not available
Necessary document for filing Power of Attorney
Common objections
  • Prior conflicting rights with another proprietor
  • Conflict with a well-known trademark
  • Distinctiveness
  • Descriptiveness
  • Description of goods/services is broad
  • Generic; customary or usual signs or indications
  • Shapes that may be necessitated by technical factors
  • Colour alone
Electronic filing Available
Opposition Term 30 days from issuance of eGazette
Duration of protection 10 years from the date of registration for national registrations

10 years from the international registration date for international registrations

Restoration of lapsed trademark Not available if registered mark. A mark can only be restored if during the pendency of the application, the trademark owner files a Petition for Revival within 3 months from mailing date of Notice of Abandonment, provided the cause of abandonment is not due to failure to file the 3rd year Declaration of Actual Use
Compulsory period of use to avoid cancellation action 3 consecutive years
Parallel Imports Allowable, except in cases where an exclusive importer/distributor is appointed in the Philippines, and allowing parallel imports may constitute a breach of contractual obligation
Use (a) 3rd year Declaration of Actual Use
– Required within 3 years from filing date of application
– Original deadline can be extended once for a period of 6 months
– Mandatory regardless of basis of application(b) 5th year Declaration of Actual Use
– Required to be filed  between the 5th to 6th year from date of registration

(c) Renewal DAU
– Required to be filed  within one (1) year  from the due date of renewal

(d) 5th year Declaration of Actual Use
– Required to be filed  within one (1) year from the fifth anniversary of each renewal

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Outline of the
enforcement steps
Test Buy

Secure Search & Seizure Warrant

Filing of Criminal Case with City Prosecutor


Unfair Competition

Civil Remedies
  • Cancellation of Registration
  • Damages
  • Injunction (with prayer for Temporary Restraining Order)
  • Action for False or Fraudulent Declaration
  • Action for False Designation of Origin
  • False Description or Representation
Criminal Sanctions Imprisonment from 2 – 5 years; and Fine from PHP50,000 to PHP200,000 (approximately US$1,000 – US$4,000)
Others Border Control Measure – Registration of registered marks with the Bureau of Customs
Time frame for various legal actions 18 – 36 months
Alternative dispute resolution
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
Any specialized courts for IP Yes