Legal Basis Law No. 20 of 2016 concerning Trademark and Geographical Indications effective 25 November 2016.
Major international treaties signed
  • Paris Convention effective 24 December 1950
  • Trademark Law Treaty effective 5 September 1997
  • Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS)
  • Madrid Protocol effective January 2nd, 2018
Cost of obtaining a trademark Please contact us at
Average time to obtain a trademark 12 to 18 months
Official language for trademark prosecution Bahasa Indonesia
Registrable marks A sign in the form of a picture, name, word, letters, numerals, composition of colors, or a combination of said elements, having distinguishing features and used in the activities of trade in goods or services
Filing and prosecution procedures Stage 1: Filing
Stage 2: Formality Examination
Stage 3: Publication
Stage 4: Opposition (if any)
Stage 5:  Substantive Examination
Stage 6: Registration
Stage 7: Renewal
Number of classes 45 (11th Edition Nice Classification)
Multiple class filing Available
Filing of series marks  Available – as long as proprietor/applicant is the same party
Necessary document for filing Power of Attorney
Priority document and sworn translation (for application claiming priority)
Common objections Deceptiveness
Bad faith
Prior conflicting rights
Extension of office action deadlines Not available
Publication term for opposition filing 2 months
Term of trademark protection 10 years (renewable)
Restoration of lapsed trademark Not available
Parallel Imports Not available
Minimum period of use to avoid non-use cancellation action 3 years (continuous)
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Infringement offence Available
Specialised courts for IP Not available
Outline of the enforcement steps Civil
Infringement pursuant to the Law No. 20 Year 2016 concerning MarksCriminal
Trademark counter/infringement pursuant to the Law No. 20 Year 2016 concerning Marks
Border Measures
Relief against groundless threats Not available
Declaration of non-infringement Not available
Preliminary injunctions As per below
Time frame for various legal actions Infringement proceedings (civil case): 4 to 7 months for first instance and 4 to 7 months for Cassation
Revocation: 4 to 7 months for first instance and 4 to 7 months for Cassation
Alternative dispute resolution Mediation
Availability of damages and other relief for infringement Revocation (Cancellation Action)
Civil Remedies Injunction
Criminal Sanctions Trade Description Order
Monetary fines or imprisonment or bothBorder Measure
Seizure; detention; forfeiture of counterfeit trademark goods